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Tube tyres information

A tube tyre is a type of tyre that has a physical tube inside it in which air is inflated just like a balloon. These are used extensively in bicycles and two-wheelers. In cars, their use has been somewhat limited. Many commercial vehicles also use these tyres. The tube inside it is fitted with a Schrader valve for correct air pressure regulation. The inner tube is a tunnel-like structure that is made from rubber compounds, synthetic rubber and even in some cases, plastic. In a tyre collision, the tube can bear the impact while the tyre can stay safe.

Tube tyres Advantages

There are some particular advantages of a tube tyre that are mentioned below.

Added safety - A tube tyre helps in providing added safety to passengers of a vehicle. It is due to the fact that in case of a mishap involving the tyre, there is always more safety due to the presence of a tube.

More cushion - The tube acts as a shock absorber for the tyre and differing pressure can be applied in them depending upon a need. This way, it helps in providing more cushion for the vehicle.

Cheap and economical - A tube tyre is quite cheap and economical than any other tyre.

Tube tyres Disadvantages

In the contemporary period, tube tyres have a lot of disadvantages which are discussed here as follows.

Driving isn't possible - In a tube tyre, when a nail pierces it, the air in between the tyre and tube may get leaked out within a very short time. Driving may not be possible after that without repairing the tyre.

Not very safe - At high speeds, if there is a puncture in a tube tyre, the vehicle may get destabilized considerably. This can also lead to accidents or mishaps.

Repair isn't easy - Unlike tubeless tyres, repair cannot be done easily in a tube tyre.

What are the Best Tube tyres in India?

There are many tube tyre manufacturers in India and you have ample choice of selecting a brand. Among two-wheelers and bike tyres, there is MRF, Continental, Apollo, TVS, and Metro. However, if a selection has to be made on quality aspect and proper road grip, MRF Nylogrip is undoubtedly the best in this class. In the four-wheeler and car section, there is CEAT, Goodyear, MRF and JK tube tyre, among the best to name just a few. CEAT tyres can be easily chosen for a purpose as they are cheap, provide superior tread and favorable traction. For commercial vehicles and buses, Continental tyres are highly desired.

Tube tyre price in India

The tube tyre price is quite disparate and depends on a plethora of factors, including the brand, make and model of the vehicle, wheel dimension, etc. However, for the two-wheeler section, you can easily expect to get a tyre starting from Rs. 900 only. Anyway, it is only the starting price and the range can be from Rs 900 to Rs. 2,360 depending on the vehicle, make and dimension. For cars and SUVs, the price range of tube tyre is in between Rs. 2,180 to Rs. 8,650. As already said, many different variants are available across brands.

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