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Summer tyres information

Summer tyres designed to intrinsically amplify stability and performance and attenuate road noise. They are designed to function at optimum levels in warm climatic conditions. The manufacturer’s specifications recommend the use of this category of tyres when the ambient temperature is more than 7 degrees Celsius. Below this temperature, they will perform poorly and exhibit lesser all-round functionality levels compared to the winter category.

Is there a difference between summer and all season tyres?

Yes, they do vary from each other. The all-season model is designed towards excellence in vehicle operation in summer as well as better traction over frozen surfaces. It is a compromise between the two models:

Based on the following parameters, the two were compared in summer conditions:

1.Grip: The all-weather model does not offer as much grip as summer model on dry roads

2.Stability: The summer model has much lesser threading grooves and hence has higher surface contact with road. This provides better stability to the vehicle.

3.Wear: Summer tyres last much longer than the other model and much more durable if used correctly

Before the advent of winter tyres into the market, summer tyres were just referred to as regular tyres. While the former is aimed to deliver traction to handle maneuvering on snow and ice, the latter is modeled with the intention to excel in the following:

Heightened responsiveness - These have almost immediate response during driving. What this does is offer a far better riding experience to the driver.

Fuel efficiency - These also help in the optimization of output from the vehicle versus fuel input.

Provides better handling - Driving with these makes driving a pleasure. The vehicle is much easier to manoeuvre and control.

Better dissipation of water - Contrary to expectations, these manipulate wet surfaces quite well and have good resistance to aquaplaning.

Superior grip - The vehicle’s command over the road is vastly improves by the usage of this model during right environmental conditions.

Decreased distance required for braking - Consumer studies have reported favourable feedback for theis model compared to other models when tested in summer conditions.

No road noise - An added benefit of these are the almost zero vibrations and road noise drivers and passengers experience at low as well as higher speeds.

What are the best Summer Tyres in India to buy?

Different riding and driving styles have varying requirements. It is important to know which parameters best amplify your driving capabilities without disrupting vehicular performance.
Based on tests done by external agencies as well as user reviews the following have been rates as top brands in current market.
For bikers requiring high performance to suit their dynamic driving styles, Michelin Piot Road 2 and 3 are recommended. For durability and better handling while cornering, Bridgestone BT 45 is known to provide favorable reviews. The Roadtec Z6 from Metzler offers great mileage and better handling.
For cars, Bridgestone Adrenalin, Potenza and Ecopia series all cover various performance requirements. The Goodyear Eagle f1 Asymmetric series and Goodyear Efficient grip performance are the best sellers. Michelin Energy saver plus and Michelin Pilot Super sport is recommended for their grip, better handling and fuel efficiency

Summer tyre price in India

For Bike, Depending on size, brand and vehicle, prices can vary. The basic Michelin Pilot sporty model comes at a price of Rs 1500-2000. While high end models of larger size like the Metzler Sportec can go up to Rs 9000 for a single unit.
For cars, Prices for Goodyear eagle basic model start at Rs 4500. Other brands and makes in same range of Rs 4000 to 5000 include Bridgestone and Michelin Energy. If you are looking for cheaper options, models by CEAT and the Apollo Amazer comes at a price as low as Rs 2000 to 3000. MRF, Goodyear and other brands all also have premium options which fall in the range of Rs 30,000-40,000.

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