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Cross Ply/Bias Ply tyres information

A cross ply tyre is also known as bias ply, x-ply or conventional tyre. It is a particular type of tyre in which plies or cord series criss-cross each other to create a frame. Over this frame, the rubber is put up to make a tyre which bears the complete vehicle weight. In other words, the framework of the tyre is made by using two or more overlapping layers at an angle of 30 and 45 degrees. Bias ply tyres are cheap and affordable due to the simple method of manufacturing them. However, they can easily get overheated due to higher operating temperatures and rigid sidewall.

Can Radial and Bias Ply tyres be used Together?

For short distances, this can be ok. But, for longer journeys, the same should be avoided. It is because the two tyres track and work differently and that can have a bearing on the ride quality. Moreover, it can also lead to increased wear. However, when mixing, ensure that cross ply tyres are in front and radials are at the rear end.

What is the Difference between a Bias Ply tyre and a Radial tyre?

Cord construction

The cord construction is the most remarkable difference between the two types of tyres. While in a cross ply tyre, the cords usually run at an angle of 32 degrees from the direction of travel, in a radial tyre, cords are at 90 degrees to the travel direction, i.e., from wheel lip to lip.

Sidewall features

There is stiffer sidewall with a rigid shoulder in a bias ply tyre whereas, in case of a radial tyre, the side wall is flexible and non-rigid. It is also a reason why there is no visible bulge in a bias ply tyre and the same is easily trackable in case of a radial tyre.


Comparatively, the cost of radial tyres is more than cross ply tyres due to the intricate work that has to be carried out in radials.

Cross Ply Tyres Advantages

Bias ply tyres are less preferred these days. But that doesn't mean that it does not have advantages. Some specific advantages of this tyre are highlighted below.

Improved stability - Bias ply tyres offer better stability compared to radial tyres. It is due to the fact that treads in it are placed diagonally after making the carcass using nylon. As rubber plies overlap, they make a thick layer and offer less flexibility resulting in better stability.

Better resistance to damage - The sidewall of any tyre is susceptible to damage because not much attention may be paid to it. In case of a cross ply tyre, the same is kept in mind so that sidewalls are made rigid and as such, there is a better resistance.

Manufacturing cost - The cost of manufacturing bias ply tyres is a lot less compared to radial tyres. This way, enough saving can be done and the same is extended to customers too.

Cross Ply Tyres Disadvantages

The disadvantages of cross ply tyres are mentioned here.

High resistance - The rolling resistance of cross ply tyres is very high due to which they get heated up pretty fast. In turn, it leads to more wear and tear and local damages.

Less comfort - Due to rigid sidewalls of the tyre, it is able to absorb fewer imperfections of the road. As a result, a ride may be bumpy and there is usually very little comfort in traveling on a bias ply tyre.

Poor mileage - The rigidity of the tyre results in overheating and ultimately, it leads to an increased fuel consumption.

What are the Best Cross Ply Tyres in India?

Cross ply tyres still dominate a major segment of the automotive industry and therefore, a lot of manufacturers still produce them. For two-wheeler tyre, JK Tyres seem to have an edge over the rest. They offer their products in the Blaze and Challenger variants that are absolutely superb for their enhanced grip and handling. For all types of driving conditions, these can be very much suitable. However, when it comes to four wheeler bias ply tyres, none may be able to match MRF. Its ZVTS and Legend variants pack enough punch for every four-wheeler owner. Along with a superior quality, the price is also quite economical.

Cross Ply/Bias Ply tyre price in India

Cross ply tyres are cheap and economic due to which there is still a large number of people and vehicles that use them. For bikes and two-wheelers, you can purchase a suitable bias ply tyre in the price band of Rs. 720 to Rs. 3,600. For four-wheelers, a preferred tyre of any reputed brand can be purchased in the range of Rs. 2,100 to Rs. 4,360. In case of truck and bus tyres, the price is slightly on the higher side and the range can be from Rs. 6,680 to Rs. 18,300.

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