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Bias Belted tyres information

Bias Belted Tyres is a tyre with a belt made of steel or fiberglass or polyester which is fitted to increase resistance to punctures. This is fitted in between the threading and the carcass of the model. The belt is set diagonally to the surface. This model is based on the primitive or original style of tyre design. Though other models have been introduced since, this model is still a preferred choice by a lot of automobile enthusiasts. Most vintage vehicles are fitted with these tyres to maintain its authentic look. It also does offer a range of benefits which other tyres do not and hence still a major player in the market.

Difference between Bias ply and Bias belted Tyres

Though one was derived from another, there are a few differences between the two:

Construction - The bias ply was the origination of the pneumatic or air filled type construction of tyres. Biases structurally have a nylon or steel ply under the threading. This ply is laid at an acute angle against the base. These plies are then placed over one another in an alternating pattern. On the other hand, Bias belt tire which were derived from the bias model, have their ply also at the same angular fitting but additionally has a belt that is attached around the carcase under the thread.

Performance - The bias model offers a good and even ride but has high resistance to rolling. This implies they have low fuel efficiency. Bias belted tyres provide better fuel efficiency through lesser rotations required to move forward.

Bias Belted Tyre Advantages

The following are the advantages of bias belted tyres,

High load carrying capacity - This criss-cross construction of the model makes the sidewalls much tougher. This offers good capability of managing under higher physical fright or load. This is why also of goods vehicles still prefer this model.

Low maintenance and repair cost - This is not as difficult to repair and maintain as its counterparts. In case of puncture it can be fixed faster and does not require special skills or tools.

Less potential to swerve - Owing to tyres manufacture, this tyre in most cases rolls in a straight line. This characteristic is especially useful for trailer type vehicles.

More cost effective - Due to its simpler making process, it is a less pricey alternative.

Potentially smoother ride - Customer reviews are mostly favourable towards this type when it comes to smoothness of ride.

Bias Belted Tyre Disadvantages

Some disadvantages are,

Heat build-up - The biggest disadvantage of his model is the intense heat concentration within the body of the tyre.

Lesser tyre-life - The increased load bearing characteristic takes a toll on the life and durability of this model.

Increased fuel consumption - Studies on the performance of vehicles fitted with this model have reported that fuel efficiency is reduced when compared to other models.

Harder ride - The mechanism of manufacture and material composition lead to a harder riding experience.

What are the best Bias belted Tyres in India?

For Bikes, The Birla RoadMaxx and FireMaxx are the best bias belted tube and tubeless tyres in India. Other brands include Ceat and Pirelli. The Pirelli Sport demon has favourable reviews. The Michelin Power pure model is popular as well. For Cars, The bestselling Bias tyres currently include the Bridgestone Exedra series. The Michelin Commander is also given good reviews.

Bias Belted tyre price in India

For Bikes, The Birla Roadmaxx series costs at around Rs 1200 for one unit. The others in this price range include the Ceat Vertigo Sport. The Pirelli sport demon is priced between Rs 4000 TO 5000 per unit. For Cars, Bias Belted tyres are generally less expensive than other varieties. The Bridgestone Exedra series is priced at a range of Rs. 6000 to 8000. The Michelin Commander, a well-received model costs around Rs 8500. All prices are per unit.

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