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Why buy with Gobumpr tyres?

Buying tyres is hard work. Right from choosing the right tyre, finding a trusted dealer, getting a good price and having them installed, the entire process usually takes a lot of time and effort. Buying tyres from GoBumpr makes the entire process hassle-free and effortless. Shop with us to speed through the process as we get you the best deals on tyres from our network of authorized tyre dealers across the city in 30 minutes or less. Finalize a deal and have your tyres installed by our dealer.

What is the 30 minutes or less promise?

We promise to get you the best deals from dealers nearby. Please note, the 30-minute window is subjective to the dealer’s working hours.

How does GoBumpr work?

GoBumpr helps you install new tyres at the lowest price in three simple steps. Enter details of your tyre requirements such as Vehicle model, preferred tyre brand, number of tyres, location and contact details. We find the best deals based on your tyre requirements from nearby dealers and get you a list of deals in under 30 minutes. On selecting a deal our respective dealer will call and ask you to drive down to the fitment center, purchase your tyres and have them installed.

What are your service areas?

Our service are currently available only in Chennai, spread over 150 localities.

Are the tyres I buy from GoBumpr covered under warranty?

All tyres purchased through GoBumpr Tyres come with full manufacturer's warranty as all our service partners are authorized tyre retailers.

How do you know what tyre fits my vehicle?

Tyre sizes for all vehicles are determined based on the information made available to us from vehicle manufacturers as and when they are released. Our authorized tyre dealers access this database and prescribe tyre options based on your brand specification.

Is it important to get the wheel balancing & wheel alignment done at the time of change of tyres?

Wheel balancing and alignment are regular maintenance procedures that should be administered to your vehicle depending on your vehicle’s mileage. Usually getting your wheel balanced and aligned at the time of changing your tyres is advisable as it helps increase the life of the tyre.

What brand do I get if I choose I’ll leave it to the experts?

If you choose “I’ll leave it to the experts” option, our dealers will provide you with tyre options that is best suitable for your car by accounting factors such as price, durability, and recommended brand for your particular vehicle make.

How long does it take to get my fitment done?

Fitment usually takes about 30-45 minutes. A more accurate estimate will be provided by the onsite technician.

I have selected my deal what happens next?

After you have selected your desired deal, the respective dealer will contact you and ask you to drive to his fitment center where you can have your new tyres installed. We follow a payment against fitment system where you make the payment directly to the dealer at the time of fitment.

How do I find my tyre size?

The size of a tyre is printed onto the side of the tyre – on the area known as the sidewall. The tyre specifics is a sequence of numbers indicating various aspects of the tyre. A tyre wall inscription would generally look like this: 205/65R15 95H which can be broken up as follows: 205/65 R15 95H The first section 205/65 indicates the width and the height of the tyre. The first number indicates the width of the tyre in millimeters (mm). Here the size of the tyre is 205mm. The number following the ‘/’ symbol denotes the height of the tyre and is known as the aspect ratio and is expressed in percentage. Here the height of the tyre is 65% of the width of the tyre (205mm). The second section R15 indicates the construction and wheel rim diameter. The rim diameter is expressed in inches, here the tyre is 15-inch tyre with radial construction. The last section 95H indicates the maximum load capacity and speed at which the tyre can be safely operated, subject to the tyre being in sound condition, correctly fitted, and with recommended inflation pressures (95 represents a maximum load of 690kg per tyre; H represents a maximum speed of 210km/h). Don’t be intimidated as it is not necessary to provide all such details. Vehicle manufacturers have use standardized sizes across model ranges which our tyre experts refer to while providing you the options.

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