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MRF Tyres Information

MRF (Madras Rubber Factory Ltd.) is the largest tyre manufacturing company in India that was founded by K. M. Mammen Mappillai as a toy balloon-making factory at Tiruvottiyur, Chennai in 1946 and started manufacturing tread rubber in 1952. It manufactures tyres, tubes, treads, conveyor belts, toys, and paints.
The firm exports its products to 65 countries worldwide and has a 4000 plus strong dealership network with 180 different offices spread across the globe. The organization has earned ample recognition due to its work and has been voted as the most trusted tyre brand in India.

MRF Tyre Types

MRF tyres come in different types of choices. There are ample options for car and bike tyres. Similarly, one can also find many types of heavy-duty truck and van tyres too.
We take a look here at the different types of MRF tyres that you can buy.

  • MRF Standard tyres - These are made for all season conditions and most automobile manufacturers offer them these days due to maximum tread grip and reduced road noise. These are made of hard compound rubbers for an extended life. They also provide enough grip in urban, rainy conditions.
  • MRF Performance/Summer tyres - These do not have the contact patch treads and are made from soft compound rubber due to which they provide maximum grip to sports cars at high speeds in dry conditions. However, they wear out faster due to softer compounds and may not be very well for rainy conditions.
  • MRF Snow/Winter tyres - These are made with tiny metal studs on the treads and have a larger contact patch with bigger tread patterns. This provides maximum grip while accelerating, braking and cornering on snow and mud. However, it cannot be used in normal road conditions.
  • MRF Off-Road/All Terrain tyres - They are made from neither hard nor soft compounds but rather a mixture of both and can be very suitable for vehicles like SUV that go off road quite often. It has a rigid side wall to easily adapt uneven surfaces and have a superb tread stout for improved grip in mud and sand. However, it is important to take care of them as they may wear out in normal road conditions quickly and can make a good deal of noise.
  • MRF Run Flat tyres - They are designed in such a way that they can offset the effects of deflation or puncture quite beautifully and help in covering a distance of almost 75-80 kilometers flawlessly. A vehicle can be driven with a punctured Run-flat tyre for the stated distance without any issue.

MRF Tyre Models

Let's look at the different MRF car tyre models that are available.

  • MRF Perfinza - It is a luxury tyre that offers a futuristic asymmetric design with finest polymers and silica blend for better grip and superior braking. It has reinforced ribs with sinusoidal grooves for superior on-road performance in all types of weather.
  • MRF ZLX - It is a comfort tyre that has strong shoulder ribs and lateral grooves for better handling and riding comfort. The wide tread increases the tyre life and it has a bow-shaped sidewall design that looks very attractive.
  • MRF Wanderer Sport - It is a specially designed tyre for SUVs and sports a bold sidewall, multi-layered graphics for enhanced driving experience on all terrains. Its cut-resistant tread compound helps in getting better performance on off-road conditions.
  • MRF ZLO - It is a performance tyre with a polymer blend and stable spiral ring for getting better stability in all conditions. It provides responsive and accurate handling due to broad footprint and offers a stylish look to the vehicle.
  • MRF ZVTV - This comfort tyre has maximized rubber in quiet tread pattern for an enhanced grip while accelerating, cornering and braking. It has been optimized for balanced handling, better braking, improved performance and increased fuel efficiency.
  • MRF Wanderer - It is a specially designed SUV tyre built from cut-resistant tread compounds for enhanced performance on off-road conditions. It has the high-modulus and multi-layered carcass for improved driving experience in all types of conditions.

MRF Tyre Sizes

MRF tyres come in a variety of sizes. They start at 12 inches and are available all the way till 19 inches and this range covers most types of vehicles. 12 inches, 13 inches, 14 inches, 15 inches, 16 inches and 17 inches tyres are mostly used by different cars and bikes. SUVs, vans and mini trucks generally use the larger 18 and 19 inches tyres.

MRF Tyre Prices

MRF tyre price is dependent on the vehicle and purpose. For example, cheap and sturdy bike tyres are available for as low as Rs. 1,200 whereas the starting range for car tyres can be from Rs. 2,200. Similarly, van tyres may be available for Rs. 4,050 only. Perfinza car tyres are available from Rs. 5,990, ZLX starts from Rs. 3,060, Wanderer Sport is available from Rs. 7,280; ZLO from Rs. 4,060 and Wanderer range starts from Rs. 7,090.

MRF Tyre warranty

MRF Tyres offers a warranty of 3 years against any manufacturing defect. It stands valid against any type of tyre bulging or any other manufacturing defect. This is a factor due to which many customers like to use the product.

Where to buy MRF tyres in India?

An MRF tyre showroom can be found anywhere in any city in India because it has a superb dealer and distribution network. For locating an MRF supplier in a city, its online tool can be used perfectly for the purpose to find out about all the stores in a city. Moreover, MRF tyres online purchase can also be done as per preference after selecting the proper tyre. Additionally, a customer can also expect to receive discounts on his purchase through this mode.

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