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Michelin Tyres Information

Michelin is the second largest wheel manufacturer in the world. It is a French multinational based in Clermont-Ferrand in Auvergne, France. The factory in India is located near Chennai with a manufacturing capacity of around 15,000 tonne a year. This world famous manufacturer is known to have doubled its production capacity at its Chennai plant, up to 30,000 tonnes by the end of the year 2018. The company has a rich history in Motorsports in Formula 1, MotoGP and endurance racing for several years now.

Michelin Tyre Types

Michelin has several variants which may be classified in accordance with the vehicle types. They produce wheels for passengers cars, two-wheelers, trucks, buses and for earthmovers even. In India, there exists no extreme seasonal differences, and henceforth, the Michelin India does not highlight on the season tyres for sale.
Let’s take a look at the following types of Michelin tyres, made exclusively for Indian roads:

  • For Passenger Cars - In spite of the road conditions, may it be of highways or within the city limits, these passenger car tyres are the anomalous combination of long-lasting tread wear, fuel efficiency and of course safety.
  • For SUVs - These tyres are proven to have long wear life, luxury and all season traction. They are considered to be the perfect tyre match for the owners of SUV.
  • Off-road Tyres - Keeping in mind the varied terrains of your city roads, these tyres are meant to deliver the off-road traction and also gives you the expected comfort.
  • On-road Tyres - If you are looking for tyres implementing the best comfort, excellent road grip and a long lasting tread wear, then you can go for the one like these On-road tyres.

Michelin Tyre Models

There are numerous variants in this category among which you can get totally satisfied to own one. All the models are superior and have their own specification to fulfill the requirements of the customer’s needs. Following are the brand products manufactures by Michelin India:

  • Michelin Energy - These lines of products give you the remarkable fuel efficiency feature along with not remunerating safety, longevity and robustness. They again have two major categories of Energy XM1 and Energy XM2 tyres for passenger cars. They are the perfect match for the Indian roads, on any climatic conditions.
  • Michelin Primacy - These tyres offer you the unsurpassed quality of safety and also longevity. They provide you a peaceful ride without compromising in comfort and security levels. Moreover, they also make road noises stay away from you. They have the variants such as Primacy SUV, Primacy HP, Primacy 3-ST and Primacy 3-ZP.
  • Michelin Latitude - They are specially designed for the vehicles like SUV. They provide you the enhanced driving experience and conquer any unexpected terrains. They are categorized into LTX Force and Latitude Sport 3.
  • Michelin Pilot - You will enjoy your everyday ride with this dominating series of Michelin tyres meant for its Dynamic Response Technology. They give you the outstanding pleasure in driving both on wet and dry conditions of Indian roads, and maintain its standard as regarding to your safety.

Michelin Tyre Sizes

The Michelin tyre sizes vary according to the type of the vehicle you use. If you are looking for passenger cars, then you have the varied options of tyre sizes ranging from 12 to 23 inches. In addition, if you go for SUVs, then you may select tyre sizes varying from 15 to 17 inches as per your requirements. The company also deals with tyres for the light commercial vehicles like trucks, tractors etc.

Michelin Tyre Prices

The price is different for each specification. For instance, the tyre model for passenger car, MICHELIN Energy XM2 can be purchased in price ranging from INR 3260 to 8195. Similarly, the version of MICHELIN Pilot Sport 3 ST, have the price scale from INR 12,825 to 22,950. And thus, you have varied options to select the best one for your vehicle according to your specific necessitates.

Michelin Tyre warranty

The Michelin standards of tyres are all meant for the company’s warranty for the lifetime when the original tread pattern is retained. Anyhow, if compared with the date of purchase, it would be 3 years from the purchase that your tyres would be under the company’s sole warranty.

Where to buy Michelin tyres in India?

If you want to take a look at the extensive range of wheels, then going to a Michelin tyre showroom would be the wisest choice. Michelin wheels are readily available at your nearest Michelin Tyres dealer. It does not matter where you are, you will always find one in any part of our country. Without venturing anywhere outside, you can easily buy Michelin Tyres online. The best thing about buying online is the you can avail excellent deals and buy tyres at affordable prices.

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