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Goodyear Tyres Information

Goodyear Tyre and Rubber Company is an American brand that was founded by Mr. Frank A. Seiberling. Based out of Akron in Ohio, Goodyear has always been reckoned the world over as the manufacturer of world-class radials for all varieties of cars. Throughout its journey starting from the year 1898, Goodyear has produced premium passenger car tyres equipped with the newest technologies. In India Goodyear has earned goodwill for over 90 years now.

Goodyear Tyre Types

There are numerous variants of Goodyear tyres, let us take a look at them below.
Types based on weather conditions and vehicles:

  • All Season Tyres - These types are ideal for all the seasons around the year, giving you the option of great performance on a wide variety of surfaces and conditions too.
  • Summer Tyres - These are designed for the regions having mild to moderate temperature. But the performance decreases when the surroundings drop below 7 degrees.
  • Winter Tyres - This range has been engineered to deliver its extreme performance of grip on both snowy and icy surfaces.
  • For Passenger Cars - To provide you the best traction and performance on road, these car tyres are designed with long-lasting tread pattern for all year round comfort.
  • For SUVs - Without compromising its vital feature of road performance, these versatile 4x4 tyres are configured with rugged off-road traction feature.
  • For Crossovers - These give you the high mileage with all-weather traction. They are built with a tread design to promote quiet and smooth ride.
  • For Trucks - These are designed to deliver excellent off-road traction as well as improved load ability so that trucks and pickup vehicles can withstand more weight on road and ensure a comfortable ride.
  • For Trailers - These are top-class tyres from Goodyear that are marked by extreme durability and withstanding capacity that is so needed for towing through long distances.

Goodyear Tyre Models

Let us now take a look at the different models of Goodyear range of products.

  • Ultragrip - The advanced QuietTred and Flex Contact technologies of this variant makes it improve the quietness, comfort and superior wet performance quality of the tyres. It minimizes the road noise and gives you the experience of a pleasure and smooth ride.
  • Eagle - The Goodyear Eagle F1 Directional range commences with SportGrip Technology and is the influential successor of Eagle F1 GSD-3. These tyres deliver the top class hydroplaning resistance and traction and also the accelerating performance.
  • Assurance - Highlighting the features such as the braking ability, wet grip and the maximum control, this variant of Goodyear tyres are manufactured to give you the expected performance. This type of series provides you the superior grip, maximum safety on roads and also durability against road hazards.
  • Wrangler - This is the tyre version with a V-type design of Goodyear Wrangler F1 series for a remarkable performance. To withstand all kinds of terrains and offer you an impressive handling for your favorite SUV, here comes the ultimate series of AT/SA tyres.
  • EfficientGrip - It uses QuietTred technology that suppresses the road noises and vibrations. This DP series has been specially made for its stringent quality and performance requirements of the cars of modern-day brand new technologies.
  • Excellence - This series provides an exceptional water dispersion and traction that would rather give you improved grip and greater lateral stability. This is a tubeless version of Goodyear that gives you the long-lasting performance along with impressive firmness.
  • Integrity - These are the all-weather tyres that give you the extreme performance in most of the tough situations of Indians roads.
  • Fierce - The Fierce range not only delivers an impressive driving performance but also looks very stylish. These are highly suited for luxury cars for a smooth and quiet riding and excellent grip of a surface.
  • Fortera - This type of series provides you the superior grip, maximum safety on roads and also durability against road hazards. Improved lateral and forward traction performance along with reliable handling is made easier by this range from Goodyear.

Goodyear Tyre Sizes

Goodyear tyres range from 12 inches to 17 inches. While the DP Series 4 Wheeler Tyre is available in 14 inches (165/65R14, Tubeless), the Assurance range for 4-Wheelers is available from 15 inches onwards (175/65R15, Tubeless). The Goodyear Wrangler Hp Aw Range is available in 16 inches (235/70R16, Tubeless).

Goodyear Tyre Prices

Each model has its own set of a price list. While the lowest price for passenger car tyres ranges at around INR 500 (Goodyear Gt3 4 Wheeler Tyre(205/65R15, Tubeless), it can shoot up to as high as INR 23000 for the SUVs and crossovers (Wrangler Hp Aw). The Eagle EfficientGrip range has 8 variants in its series. And the prices range from INR 1,200 to 63,300. And similarly, the most conventional Duraplus model has 16 variants with price starting from INR 2,600 and going up to 4,720.

Goodyear Tyre warranty

Goodyear offers a warranty on their products which are either 2 years, 3 years or for 5 years. For light and medium commercial truck tyres, the warranty is valid for 2 years, for medium radial truck tyres, it is 3 years while a passenger, off-road and farm tyres, it is 5 years from manufacture date or up to 85% tread wear (whichever is earlier).

Where to buy Goodyear tyres in India?

When it comes to buying Goodyear tyres, there are 3 easy methods that you can choose from. Goodyear tyres are readily available at all Goodyear tyres showroom. You just need to locate the nearest one and make your purchase from there. Then, you can also reach out to the closest Goodyear tyre dealer if you wish to purchase Goodyear tyres urgently. The best and easiest option is to place an order for Goodyear tyres online. It is not just quick but also simple. You get to avail deals and discounts too.

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