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Falken Tyres Information

Falken Tyres Company was founded back in 1983 in Kobe, Japan. It is basically a subsidiary owned by the Sumitomo Rubber Industries (SRI), which is the sixth largest tyre manufacturing company in the world. In India, Falken Tyres are manufactured and supplied by Falken India Pvt Ltd, which is a collaborative effort between SRI and Stamford Corporation Ltd of Singapore. Falken is synonymous with the production of Ultra High-Performance tyres and is trusted by motorsports enthusiasts all across the world.

Falken Tyre Types

Falken is a well-known name in the automobile industry for manufacturing wheels for passenger cars as well as light and medium trucks.
Based on the car type, Falken offers different tyre variants as follows:

  • For Passenger Cars - Available in both, economy and luxury variants, Falken manufactures wheels of automobiles which are meant for a normal daily commute. These tyres are designed to offer long lasting durability for daily commuting needs and comfortable ride with superior grip.
  • For SUVs - The tyres that Falken manufactures for the SUVs are typically high-performance ones that are meant to deliver excellent grip as well as safety. These are especially suitable for off-roading cars and come with deep treads and robust handling traits across all seasons.
  • For Vans - Falken tyres are also suitable for commercial and light industrial vehicles like vans. These are economical and offer reliable performance. Excellent for all local transportation and designed for trucks that carry goods on a daily basis.
  • Summer Ultra High-Performance Tyres - This is the latest generation of tyres from Falken, which are suitable for luxury sports cars delivering high performance. It comes with hybrid undertread elements that provide ultimate smoothness in stability and handling.
  • Winter Tyres - Falken comprises of a range of winter tyres which have been designed to improve the driving experience during the winter conditions. It delivers the optimal balance in its winter handling capabilities and dry handling, which is brought about by the void ratio for superior grip on wet, icy surfaces.
  • All Season Tyres - These come with deeper grooves on the surfaces and distributes water evenly, to achieve a better grip and stability over both wet and dry surfaces. It is ideal to ensure maximum safety against aquaplaning during heavy showers. Better transmission of force and a superior surface grip is also achieved.

Falken Tyre Models

Let's take a look at the different Falken car tyre models that are currently available in India.

  • Azenis - This series is designed for High Performance and is more suited for sporty cars. It is made of a mixture of silicon and rubber and provides excellent grip and safety for speedy drives on the roads. This has been designed to deliver a comfortable and long-lasting ride for passenger cars. It blends luxury and comfort together.
  • Sincera - Excellent touring tyre for passenger vehicles, it delivers outstanding value for money. Guarantees impressive mileage and comes with an innovative tread pattern for improved grip. SINCERA SN835 is best used to achieve reliability, stability, and safety while driving on Indian roads. It suits most of the modern cars that run on urban roads. SINCERA SN845 is the best choice for those who are looking for an economical option that delivers impressive performance too. These tyres are durable and offer high-class directional reliability at high speed. Offers great wet and dry performance too.
  • Ziex - This series is the best blend of sportiness and comfort. It comes with a low rolling noise of the tyre and is specially designed for high-performance sporty cars.
  • Wildpeak - Perfectly suited for SUVs and light truck vehicles. The design of this model is such that it is suited for all seasons and all kinds of landscapes. It comes in a symmetric pattern and offers the highest traction for excellent off-roading capabilities. Delivers a super smooth driving performance to medium trucks, pickup vans, and SUVs. This is also suited for use across seasons.
  • Linam - This tyre series has been designed for vans and lorry. Best suited for commercial vehicles which are involved in daily commuting and transportation jobs.

Falken Tyre Sizes

Falken tyres sizes range from 12 inches to 20 inches. These are made to suit a variety of vehicles can. The most commonly preferred tyres are the 15 inches, 17 inches, and 19 inches ones which can be fit into different kinds of automobiles like passenger cars and sports cars, while the 20 inches tyres are mostly used in SUVs and light trucks.

Falken Tyre Prices

Falken tyre prices vary based on the model and the load it can withstand. While the Sincere tubeless range starts from INR 2319 – 2760, the prices tend to rise further up to INR 8000 too. The Azenis range of Falken tyres starts from INR 4300 for the sedans and similar passenger cars. The Wildpeak range is also available at a slightly higher price starting from roughly INR 5000 and above. For luxury sports cars, the ZIEX range starts from INR 9000 and above.

Falken Tyre warranty

On an average, Falken Tyres come with a manufacturer warranty of 5 years. However, this warranty does not hold true if the tyre damage is caused by mishandling or poor storage.

Where to buy Falken tyres in India?

Falken tyres are readily sold by all Falken tyres showroom. You can locate any of the showrooms nearest to you and buy Falken tyres from there. You can reach out to your nearest Falken tyre dealer if you need to buy Falken tyres urgently. If you do not want to venture outdoors, then buy Falken tyres online. It is really quick and simple and you can also get them at the best prices.

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