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Continental Tyres Information

Continental Tyres are a top automotive manufacturing company from Germany. The company specializes in manufacturing tires, brake system for your automobile, attractive interior electronics, safety systems for your automotive, tachographs, components of the chassis and Powertrain, and any other parts of your automobile. The world’s fourth-largest tire manufacturer company, Continental AG, was established in 1871 in Hanover, Germany. It operates 170 locations worldwide and offers best tires to its customers.

Continental Tyre Types

Continental tires are available to all types of the vehicle, whether cars, vans, SUV’s, motorbikes, bicycles, trucks, and luxury cars. You can find different varieties of tires according to your size requirement,

  • All Season Tires - This type of the continental tires manufactured using any type of weather conditions like wet, winter, and summer. Continental has manufactured these tires very efficiently.
  • Summer Tires - This type of tires is manufactured by considering the high temperature of the weather. Only summer tires can give you a high grip level on wet and dry roads
  • Self-supporting Run Flat Tires - This type of tires remanufactured for low section tires, which make the tire compatibility with all standard rims. These tires are fuel expert.
  • Winter tires - These tires perform exceptionally well in snow and gives the driver an outstanding experience of driving. These tires provide best braking performance in the dry weather
  • Radial tires - Now this is the product for the heavy vehicle like a truck. The tires of the mining truck should be tough. Radial tires from continental make your truck strong and work for longer. These tires are very tough and efficiently manufactured.
  • 4X4 tires - These are best quality tires manufactured to control the vehicle safely. This works well while taking short run distance brakes. These are the tires manufactured with superior handling during the summer.
  • Off-road tires - The off-road tires from continental tires gives high performance in the grounded area or muddy area. This tire will give you the quality of good directions with a smooth running while driving.

Continental Tyre Models

Here you can find the continental different car type models that are available.

  • Contisportcontact 5P - This model is perfectly manufactured with super handy and smooth riding. It gives short distance braking in wet and dry roads. It gives the optimum pleasure in front and rear axle position.
  • ContiMaxContact MC5 - This model of tire gives the wonderful experience and fun driving to the driver. This gives the best performance in wet handling, dry road, and also reduces the level of noise.
  • ContiSportContact 5P - This model is designed for the high-performance cars. It gives the outstanding stability and grip while cornering. It satisfies the needs of handling and awesome driving.
  • ContiSportContact 5 - This model comes with outstanding quality to handle and control the car. This is designed to meet the requirements of the luxury cars.
  • ContiCrossContact LX2 - The model gives the perfect handling in both of the roads dry and wet. This gives the outstanding grip in the off-road use.

Continental Tyre Sizes

The product came according to the width of the tire used in the vehicle. The company manufactures the tires for 800 vehicles across the country and the wheel size between 13 inches to 23 inches. All of the sizes vary according to the requirement of the vehicles.

Continental Tyre Prices

Continental tires available in the market in varying sizes and different size come with the different range prices. ContiComfortContact CC5 is available in um Rs. 2,358 - 5,111, ContiComfortContact CC5 available in 22 sizes from the price range of Rs. 2,850- 5,900, ContiPremiumContact 2 is available in 22 sizes within the price range of Rs 4,800- 11,200, ContiMaxContact MC5 is available in 14 sizes within the price range of Rs 5,100- 10,800, ContiCrossContact is available in only one size within the price range of Rs. 51,111. Continental ContiCrossContact UHP tires are for the high powered SUV's is available in the market from the range of Rs 13,200 - 27,000. Different models come with the different range of prices. You can find any price range from cheap, moderate, and expensive one as well.

Continental Tyre warranty

Continental tires cover all types of warranty policies. The company provides minimum 2 years of warranty to provide professional support to resolve the issues. The warranty period depends upon the country to country. The company provided the dedicated services to its buyers as properly investigating the issues and complaints filed by them.

Where to buy Continental tyres in India?

You can find them in the continental showrooms easily in your city. You can find the nearest Continental tyre showroom online by using the showroom locator on their official website. You can find the different variety of Continental tyres at your local dealer as well. There are numerous continental tyre dealers in all Indian cities. You can find many websites that sell all the different sizes of the continental tyres. Buying continental tyres online, you can avail the best prices.

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