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Bridgestone Tyres Information

Bridgestone Corporation was founded by Shojiro Ishibashi and it is headquartered in Kyobashi, Tokyo. It controls about 18.2% of the global tyre market and has a workforce of 1,10,000 people worldwide. Bridgestone Tyre Company sells its products in more than 150 countries and there are 47 tyre manufacturing factories along with 93 non-tyre manufacturing plants throughout the globe. Bridgestone tyres India is a subsidiary and it is known for producing high- quality products. The tyres go through rigorous testing processes and meet high safety standards that are set by the company.

Bridgestone Tyre Types

Bridgestone tyres are manufactured majorly for common vehicles like cars and bikes. For commercial vehicles too, the company offers a wide range of choices that include high-quality truck tyres and superior van tyres. Depending on a vehicle, a suitable tyre can easily be procured.
Bridgestone car tyres are available in many variants based on the driving conditions,

  • All Season Tyres - This can be used around the year in all- weather conditions and they can promise to have a very long and durable life.
  • Summer Tyres - This can be superb for damp-road conditions due to the presence of grippy, soft tread compounds and is, therefore, all known as three-season tyres.
  • Run Flat Tyres - This type has reinforced sidewall construction so that it can withstand any effect of deflation after a puncture and the vehicle can still be driven for a specific distance at a given speed.
  • Performance tyres - This type has large tread blocks for enough grip and dry traction that can be helpful for optimum cornering and provide an enhanced driving experience.
  • Winter tyres - This can help you in tiding over exhausting winter road conditions.
  • Radial tyres - This can help in providing additional grip that can lend a very satisfying driving experience.
  • 4X4 tyres - The 4X4 tyres combine the toughness and high-level traction that is needed for 4WD vehicles so that it provides ultimate driving performance, reliability and comfort to a wide range of vehicles like including SUVs and CUVs.
  • Off Road tyres - This offer wider grooves and deep tread so that more traction and stability can be guaranteed in driving conditions like dirt, sand, mud or gravel.

Bridgestone Tyre Models

Let's look at the different Bridgestone car tyre models that are available.

  • Potenza - It is meant for drivers into motorsports and who want to achieve superior performance. It helps in improving their driving skills tremendously.
  • Turanza - It is aimed to provide a perfect balance that is expected from a luxury car. It offers sufficient comfort, performance and, security to the passengers.
  • Dueller - It is specifically meant for 4WD vehicles. You can expect considerable reliability, comfort and a superb driving pleasure with its sophisticated design technology.
  • Blizzak - It is a good option for riding on winter road as it does not have studs. The Blizzak LM series has replaced the conventional studded tyres and promises a high-performance driving experience.
  • Ecopia - The Ecopia range of tyres is a fuel-saving tyre that can also ensure enough comfort and safety of passengers in addition to great savings.

Bridgestone Tyre Sizes

Bridgestone tyres have a wide collection of tyres that come in several sizes and rim diameters. 13 inches, 14 inches, 15 inches tyres are the smallest ones and are used for motorcycles. 16 inches and 17 inches tyres are used for regular passenger cars. Apart from that, SUVs use the 18 & 19 inch tyres. Then comes the 20 inch tyres that are used mostly by the trucks and the buses for more efficiency and durability.

Bridgestone Tyre Prices

Bridgestone tyre price depends upon the type of model and the application. For example, premium range run-flat tyres can be purchased from Rs. 18,500 onwards. Heavy-duty truck tyres are available from Rs. 35,000 and upwards.
Bridgestone bike tyres price is cheap and durable and the starting range is from Rs. 1,300 only. Bridgestone car tyre price from Rs. 2,400 whereas van tyres can be procured from just Rs. 2,000 and beyond.
In terms of different models, Turanza can be the cheapest at Rs. 2,500 onwards. Then there is Ecopia EP 150 and B250 starting from Rs. 3,050 and Rs. 3,200. The widely acclaimed Dueler range starts from Rs. 6,000 and Potenza may be bought for Rs. 4,950.

Bridgestone Tyre warranty

All Bridgestone tyres are covered under warranty of 3 years or till the time when tread wear indicators are exposed. However, a warranty can be null and void if damage to a tyre is due to improper use or storage or it is found that tube has been used for greater than one lifespan.

Where to buy Bridgestone tyres in India?

You can Locate Bridgestone Tyre showroom available in your city. This can be found out using the 'Showroom Locator' tool provided on the website. You can also look for Bridgestone tyre dealers at your locality; this can be quite satisfying as almost all types of variants can be available with them. The best option is to Buy Bridgestone tyres online in India as it is very easy and anyone can expect to make a transaction as per convenience.

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