How to check Tyre manufacturing date?

Tyre Manufacturing Date

Identifying the information related to tyres like the manufacturing date is really important which people are mostly not aware of. When the car is purchased, individuals are bothered about mileage factor but not about the age of the tyre. However, the age of it would have an influence on mileage. At times, it can also deteriorate the performance of your car.

On the side wall or at the rim of your tyre there will be a four digit code. This can easily help a person to know about the manufacturing date. This detail would be available next to the “DOT” symbol.

For instance, consider that the production date code is 2712. Check for the first two numbers and here it is “27”.  These digits symbolize the week that the item is made. Now, check the last two digits. These digits stand for the year that your product was made. From this code, you can know that the respective tyre is made in the year 2012.

How to identify tyres that are manufactured in the 1990s?

This would be little different when compared to the construct date code of the 2000s. Only three digit code would be present on the sidewall of the tyre. You can also notice a triangle at the end of the code. When the date code represents 312 then it means that the tyre is made at the 31st week in the year 1992. If your car’s tyre production date is before 2000 then you have to immediately replace it.

What is the lifespan of a tyre?

In general, the maximum lifespan of a typical tyre would be up to 5 years. Most of the manufactures would give a warranty for this period. But, we recommend you to do periodic checks for the product. Check the manufacturing code correctly and change the tyre when needed. Though the lifespan of the item would be until 5 to 6 years we recommend you to change it within 3 to 4 years of time.

Does tyre undergo premature ageing?

There are a lot of factors that can make the tyre get aged soon than the mentioned date. Your tyre comes with anti-oxidizing chemicals in it. These are released only when the tyre is in motion. When you don’t drive care frequently then UV light would cause oxidation to the product. If this happens the product would age soon and it would not be safe to be used. Small cracks would start to occur in the sidewalls of your tyre. This can be spotted only with the help of UV lights.

What are the risks of using aged tyres?

Using tyres for more than 5 years from manufacture date will have the following risk associated with it,

  • The chances of it getting burst are higher compared to the new ones.
  • Punctures are more common.
  • The grip on the road gets minimized.
  • Break weakens.
  • Increases the chance of accidents.

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