Tyre Bubble – Know What’s the Exact Cause for the Bulging of Tyres

Tyre Bubble

When you own a car there is a lot of factors that you should keep checking for the safety of you and your family. Frequent checks are mandatory and it should not be skipped. In this article, we would be discussing the issue called Tyre bubbles.

Most of you might not be aware of this for sure. This is a situation where bubble would be formed on the rim of your tyre. It can be easily identified and the bubble would worsen over time. When you drive a car, it would not be smooth and can experience shaking. This can mean that a defect is present in your tyre.

Why bubbles occur in tyres?

Tyres are made of rubbers and plies. These are attached together to form a complete product. Air would be filled inside it. When any inside components become weak there is a chance for air inside the tyre to escape to the outer layer. This is the reason why bubbles occur on the sidewall of your product.

Can bubbles happen when the car is not used often?

Yes, even if you are not using your car frequently or if it is idle for a longer span then the risk of bubble tyre is high. When the car or any vehicle is idle then it affects the tyre. The rotting happens very easily thus bubbles are created. So, if you are going to drive a car that was not used for an extended period of time then you have to do a thorough check.

Is it possible for bubbles to occur when your car hits the pothole frequently?

Yes, when you hit your car in a pothole, speed breakers or any hard rock there is a chance for wearing of tyres. If you live in a place where the road is not proper then bubbles in your product might occur soon. The occurrence of bubbles can be eliminated when you adopt proper driving skills.

Will temperature drop affect your tyre?

There are so many factors that affect your product and the drop in temperature is also one major factor. If you live in Canada, Finland, Russia or other similar countries then you would encounter this issue a lot. When there is a drop in temperature it would directly affect the pressure in the tyre.  Addressing the issue immediately would prevent a bubble from occurring.

Are bulges and bubbles formed in tyre same?

There is a slight variation between these situations. The bulge on your product occurs when the belts present inside the tyre start to break. It is important for the steel belts to be in place in the appropriate condition as this is what gives strength to your tyre.

What are the risks involved in driving with bubble or bulge tyre?

High risk is involved when you did not check the issue and drive your car. For example, in case you are driving on the highway at high speed with bubble tyre. There is a high possibility for the product to fall apart when you are driving. This makes you lose control over your car and it might cause an accident. The danger is not only for you or for the members inside the car but also for other vehicles in the location.

Is bubble tyre more dangerous than a flat tyre?

Yes, bubble tyre more dangerous than a flat tyre. However, when you are driving your car with a flat tyre it would indeed cause bubbles.

In a study, it is found that damaged, bubble, bulge or improperly maintained tyres are the first reason for the cause of accidents. Only the least importance for tyres is given but this should be the priority.

If you find any change in your tyre then get it checked by the Technician quickly. It is always better to prevent than to cure. You have to be vigilant and also be aware of the issues that can happen to a tyre.

How to inspect a tyre for a bubble?

  • Walk around your car under a bright light so that any change in the product is easily visible. Try to do this in the morning and not at night.
  • Check whether any uneven surface has occurred in your tyre. Bubbles might be small in the initial stages. So, try to place your hand and slide over. This way you can easily identify any uneven surface is present or not.
  • Not every uneven tread is caused due to bulge or bubble. Even when there is excess or minimum air pressure you can find unevenness in the tyre. Some other factors might be balancing or steering issues.
  • Ensure whether your tyre is damaged due to any unwanted sharp objects.
  • You can do a small penny test. Place a coin on the top edge to ensure the tread of the tyre is touching Lincoln’s head or not. If there is little contact you are supposed to get the product serviced or replaced soon.

This test can be done every few days and it takes only 2 minutes of time. Adaptation of this small technique can help you to be safe.

Is it necessary to address this condition?

Yes, you have to immediately contact your tyre service centre and get it replaced. If you have planned to drive your car to the service location then maintain a minimum speed of 20km/hr. You are not supposed to drive a long distance or at higher speed. We recommend you to tow your car to ensure your safety as it is the first priority.

Can you repair bubble or bulge tyre?

You are not supposed to repair the tyre but it should be replaced completely. Check all your tyres. It is a must to replace every bubble tyre and you should not skip it. For example, when there is a problem in two of the four tyres then you should change both together. Some people would like to change one first and the other tyre later. This is a big mistake and it should not be done.

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