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How to Inflate Tyres? 8 Steps involved in Tyre Inflation Process

Inflate Tyres

One of the important measures in ensuring tyre safety is to ensure that they are inflated properly. Inflating refers to the processes of maintaining the appropriate air pressure within the tyre. This is very important in many ways especially in preventing accidents due to tyre bursts and tyre failure. Why maintaining correct inflation pressure is […]

Beware of Tyre Wear Types, Risks of Worn Tyres & Ways to Reduce it

Tyre Wear

Tyres are the solitary point of physical interaction between your car or bike and the motorway. Good maintenance of your tyre ensures easy steering, braking as well as safety while riding. A recent study by the Transport research Wing of India reports, the number of deaths due to tyre-related accidents reached almost 1.5 lakh. The […]