What does a Studded Tyre mean?

Studded Tyre

Studded tyres or more commonly known as snow tyres have metal studs which are embedded on the tread surface. The studs being strong metal pieces easily dig into ice providing much better traction and control of driving.

However, these are specifically meant for icy roads, if roads do not have ice coverings these metal studs can very well damage the surface. Some countries limit their use to winters while some have completely outlawed the use of studded tyres to prevent damage to the pavement.

Are studded tyres legal in India?

Studded tyres are not so popular choice in Indian roads as winter specific tyres from manufacturers have been efficient enough to be driven in snow. However, there has been no stringent laws that bound the usage of studs on tyres.

Studded tyres are forbidden in several parking garages and underground parking lots as they might cause scratches and noise to the flooring. Outside India, countries that mostly relish winters, impose regulations on its usage. India, however, has seasonal winters thus the usage hasn’t seen a surge to the lawmakers to restrict their use.

What are retractable studded snow tyres?

Retractable studs earn the reputation of being the greatest techniques to allow the studded tyres being used without much haze even when the sun shines. When during summers the need to swap these studded winter tyre arises, tyre manufacturers came up with an idea to retract the metal studs back to the tyre when they are not in use.

This solution works with a switch from the driver’s end where they can choose if the condition requires studs or not. This technological feat was first achieved by a Finnish tyre manufacturer Nokian. In recent times, snow tyre technology has undergone massive advancements, introducing the studless tyres that work pretty well in the winters.

Modern studless snow tyres provide flexibility, credits to development in rubber components. This increased rubber flexibility allows tyres to generate an equally good amount of traction on icy, wet and snowy driving surfaces eliminating the need for studs.

Studded Tyres Pros

  • A studded tyre is reliable in snow and ice weather conditions.
  • Studded tyres provide effective braking and enhanced grip on the road; thus a feeling of the safer ride is on the cards.
  • Studded tyres also generate superior performance and noise-free rides with great durability if they are installed by a trusted dealer or manufacturer. Cheaper studs from a retailer may cut costs as well as the performance.
  • Helps in a stable and consistent ride on pavements with thick layers of ice.

Studded Tyres Cons

  • Most of the studded tyres are capable of creating a noisy ride, which makes them fairly inconvenient to drive, especially when the metal studs vibrate and produce sounds which ultimately causes weird driving experience.
  • You may not notice, but studs do damage the pavement as they are designed to dig into the ice when used on the normal weather conditions and dry roads the metal studs are capable of digging in and damaging the surface.
  • Studs installation and removal typically cost around $15 which is close to 1000 INR for a tyre, thus it is generally considered as a pricey solution if you wish to get the entire set of tyres studded.

Best studded snow tyres in India

In India, studded tyres are not directly available from the manufacturer, however, the aftermarket alternatives like buying an ordinary tyre of your choice and then replacing it with metal studs using the local retailer or dealer.

This is certainly different from obtaining a fully studded tyre from the manufacturer which would cost fairly higher, but due to the unavailability, customers resort to the cost of modifying the tyre to be a studded tyre.

Brands like Bridgestone, Goodyear, Michelin, and Yokohama have a very good quality winter tyres to offer which are equally effective as studded tyres.

How much are studded snow tyres in India?

Cost of studded tyres in India isn’t rocket high due to their very limited demand. The reason being the climatic differences across the country that results in very less demand for such tyres. However, the installation of studs can take up to INR 5000 – INR 10000. A fully equipped studded tyre can cost nearly INR 10,000 depending on the size and dimensions.

The overall cost for a vehicle may range up to INR 40,000 and above if you desire to have a good quality stud. Aftermarket solutions may be cheaper, but they do not provide efficient performance and durability as expected out of them.


Can I get used tyres studded? 

Tyres that were used already lose out a lot of grip and subject to wear over a period of time. Such tyres cannot be studded as the metal embedded will not withstand the loose rubber due to prolonged usage.

Winter tyres which were previously not studded will perform well in snow and winters and drivers may choose to keep them as it is. If you require a higher grip to the surface, especially during challenging conditions, studs can be added to any tyre provided it is unused.

How much does it cost to stud snow tyres?

Cost of studding snow tyres is INR 1000 and above depending on its size and dimensions. For the most part, the quality of studs for such price would be convincing enough, however cheaper solutions which compromise the quality is also available in the markets.

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