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Chinese Tyres

While it is true that 90% of all tyres produced in the world are manufactured in China, including those by global brands, Chinese tyres are still very strongly associated with bad press. Tyres though being a global essential product are known to be a grudge purchase. You would not willingly want to invest a lot of money into something whose benefit is not so obviously apparent. But it is still important not to write off Chinese tyres altogether.

If you are in the market for tyres and looking at Chinese tyres in specific this article will be your go-to guide.

Demand for Chinese Tyres

Chinese tyres’ (implying those brands designed and engineered in China) biggest selling point is their cost without a doubt. This is probably the primary reason for its high demand even given its reports on poor performance.

Reasons for choosing Chinese Tyres

  1. Cost – Some Chinese brands are available at a whopping 50 % lower than local brands. The variation of costs is highly dependent on the type of vehicle you are looking at though. For certain car models, Indian company tyres might prove cheaper.
  2. Comfort to drive & Safety– This is usually measured through testing of the vehicle’s traction and braking distance. The lesser the better. Consumer reports say that Chinese tyres made of softer components may provide a softer ride but invariably effect braking distance negatively. This causes one to question the safety of this product. It was also noted that the wet traction capacity of it does not level up to the Indian and foreign counterparts.
  3. Lifeline of the tyre– This factor simply depends on the material used. Most manufacturers use a material based on the vehicle’s use which strikes the right balance between material longevity, comfort of drive, traction and braking distance. Chinese tyres generally are of a softer material which does not have a very long life, especially if used continuously.
  4. Manufacturer’s guarantee- Every China tyre manufacturer will offer a thread life guarantee/ warranty based on usage. It is important to check the warranty before signing the deal. If the manufacturer cannot stand by their own product, be sure that you stay away.

China made Tyres replaces Retreaded Tyres

Retreading is a growing green practice, which uses a technique to retread old tyres, so they can be re-used. It is a cost-effective technique used mostly on a large commercial vehicle as these have adequate rubber. It is usually not recommended for cars as tyre failure is much more common and a very dangerous thing to happen. 

The inflow of cheap Chinese tyres into the market has rendered tyres as a disposable item and far reduced the use of retreading, as the price of both is comparable.

Another way Chinese tyres has affected the retreading industry is that retreading Chinese tyres is close to impossible due to the quality of rubber. The technicians are forced to increase their costs in these cases. This makes a huge impact on the Environment.


Hence if you are looking for tyres which will not be for the heavy use and limited to city use, Chinese tyres may prove an extremely cost-effective option. If not, it is much safer to buy tyres from Indian or Global tyre brands.

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