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A Basic Step by Step Guide to Find & Repair Tubeless Tyre Puncture

Tubeless Tyre Puncture

Do you think that tubeless tyres are puncture-proof? The phenomenon of a tubeless tyre puncture, although infrequent, can be serious and it’s good to know the basics to handle such situations with élan. We have answered some very commonly asked questions here. How do tubeless tyres get punctured? Tyres without tubes usually don’t get flat […]

What does a Studded Tyre mean?

Studded Tyre

Studded tyres or more commonly known as snow tyres have metal studs which are embedded on the tread surface. The studs being strong metal pieces easily dig into ice providing much better traction and control of driving. However, these are specifically meant for icy roads, if roads do not have ice coverings these metal studs […]