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Hola! GoBumpr - Chennai's most loved automobile service facilitator brings to you an all-new product - GoBumpr Tyres. GoBumpr Tyres is essentially a deal finder for tyres that gets you the best deals on tyres with four simple taps.

Buying a tyre is tedious and needless to say, an extremely uncomfortable task. From choosing the right tyre to bargaining with the dealer, the entire process is far from easy. An awful lot of time spent in research and numerous visits to dealers is what it usually costs to zero in on a good deal followed by the actual process of purchasing tyres and having them installed. The irony being that installation becomes less stressful than making up your mind.

With GoBumpr Tyres you cut down the time spent in decision making to 30 minutes and less all the while making a great decision. Beginning with selecting the right tyre to fetching the lowest price, we get it all done for you with our extensive network of dealers across the city, so you don’t work a muscle..

That’s not all, we list the best deals from nearby dealers for you to choose from and with a single tap, we connect you with the dealer from where you could have your new tyres installed.

Voila! New tyres on your car minus all the drama.